Are You Prepared To Bring Your Students Into the 21st Century?

How prepared do you feel as schools move towards the use of more technology in the classroom to support the skills needed for the next generation?  Is it time to look into a masters, endorsement, certificate, or a even just a few classes in Educational Technology?

I have to give a little shout out to the extraordinary program that has helped me grow as an educator.  With Michigan State’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology program, you can earn your masters in 3 months! It is a program that doesn’t just teach you about the latest and greatest in technology, but shows you how to effectively implement these tools into your classroom.  The work completed is meaningful and applicable to your classroom.

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology prepares teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals for the thoughtful use of technologies to support teaching and learning in a range of educational environments. The program draws on current theories of learning and development to understand the role of technology in learning and instruction. To complete the MAET degree you need 30‐credits (10 courses.)
Students who choose the overseas program can complete the course requirements in just three* months of study. Each summer, for three summers, graduate students of this program spend one month of intensive study in a dynamic learning environment abroad, while staying in‐residence at a university. For the summer of 2010, MSU students will study from June 27 to July 24 in Rouen, France just an hour train ride outside of Paris. Previous overseas program locations have included England, Thailand, and Switzerland.


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