Be There When Your Students Need You Most: Flip It

A new buzz phrase in the world of educational technology is “Flip the Classroom”.  This refers to the process of teachers making video tutorials of the new content and the students work on the application of those new concepts in the classroom where they can be guided in their practice.  Here are some tools that can help you turn your classroom upside down!

Jing – This is a free tool that allows you to record 5 minutes of screen time with audio of your laptop or computer.  It is simple to use and provides an online hosting service, so all you have to do is share a link.  Once you have recorded your video you can upload it to YouTube as well or just save it on your computer.

Lino-it – Once you have your video on YouTube, create a Lino-it virtual bulletin board.  Using the YouTube link you can embed the video in the bulletin board.  Students can then watch the video and post any questions they might have about the information shared, using a virtual post-it note.   This will give you a great idea of what your students are ready for in class the following day.

Explain Everything – Are you an iPad user?  Unfortunately there isn’t a screen recording tool for the iPad just yet, but there is something pretty great in the mean time.  Explain Everything allows you to annotate on blank slides or pictures to help explain what needs to be done to complete a process.  When you are finished with your work.  You can upload to YouTube, Evernote, DropBox, etc., so your students shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the explanation you have created!

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