Collecting and Sharing Images Online

Maybe your school doesn’t have a share drive that allows multiple teachers to access one file folder to share images of a grade level field trip or just the school year in general.  You can use an online photo sharing site to compile all of those image in one spot.  Google’s online photo center, Picasa, is a great tool for doing this.  Flickr would also work for this purpose, but I am not a Flickr user since I already have an account established with Google.  (I like to try and select the accounts that provide access to the largest number of tools.  This narrows all the sites and accounts I have to keep track of.)

If you have a Google account, you have a Picasa account.  If you are using the account to share with colleagues though you may want to create a new Google account that is a generic account representing what it will be used for (i.e. or  Click here to create a new gmail account.

Once you know what account to use, you have a few options of how people can contribute.  The first option is having people attach photos to an email and send them to a special e-mail address that Google Picasa will allow you to create (Learn How).  This method is best for when you don’t want to share your login information with people. A great example is if Little Johnny wants to share his pictures he took on the field trip, but he doesn’t have his own Gmail account.  Johnny can add his photos to your account by simply sending you an e-mail (More Details). I would like to thank @gravesle for this tip and the resource that goes with it.  She used this with the MSU MAET Program this summer in Rouen, France.

The next two option is for those that you are collaborating with and can trust, because they require sharing your username and password (hence why making a separate account would be key).  The first option is for each person contributing to login and use the online uploading system (Watch How) provided by Google Picasa.  The second option depends on the type of computer you use.  Mac users can upload using iPhoto (Read How or Watch How).  PC users can download a fabulous program (Picasa 3.5), which also allows for image editing and making movies or slideshows.

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