Collecting Feedback from the World or Atleast Mom and Dad!

On occasion I will get a knock on the door from a student in our school asking if they can take a quick survey of my class, because they are working on data analysis or some thing of the like in math or science class.  Wouldn’t it be great though if those students could collect data from more than just those within the school.

Using Google Docs students can create forms that after sharing a link allows them to gather feedback from anyone they want to.  Sure these forms aren’t as fancy as something like SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang, which if you are looking for something robust you may want to consider, but if you already have a Google login for one of their other helpful tools students don’t have to attempt to remember yet another password.

Introduction to Google Forms (this is a YouTube Link, so if your school blocks YouTube you won’t be able to view it, sorry)

How to Make a Form

Buy wait, there’s more!  Now that your geared up to have your kids make the Google Forms to survey the masses, how will you get it to their audience?  Last year during our consumer reports project student created surveys about the quality of the products they were testing.  Not many kids can give constructive feedback on why they buy on type of paper towel over another, so we needed to get the word out and quickly.  I created a public wiki using Wikispaces that all the groups could add their survey link to.  I then only had to e-mail out one link to all the parents in our school corporation, who were then also asked to forward it on to family, friends, and coworkers.  The students had overwhelming feedback that bet them walking around to all the school staff and asking them.  This year we will be simply put all of the links on one public Google document, publish the Google Doc as a web page and then share that link with the world!

What is a wiki?

Visit last years wiki

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