Concerned about Limited Insight on a Culture or Country?

Are you concerned about not being able to provide the insight you feel your students deserve about a particular topic, culture, or county?  Use the tools of the world wide web to network with someone who can strengthen your lessons.

  • Epals This is a global network for teachers and classes.  You can connect with individuals all over the world.  This resource is an area that your students can interact with other individuals from other countries and cultures within a safe learning environment that has been designed for use in the classroom.  In addition, this site offers contests to students where they can compete at the global level.
  • Skype Maybe you already have contacts in the area of interest and you would like to connect your students to this individual, but the plane ticket is a little bit spendy!  Use Skype (a free video conferencing tool) to conference with individuals in remote locations.  You can also record your skype video conference classes using an additional program download(for mac and for P.C.), so you can refer back to the video file even after the conference is over.
  • Collaborate with another classroom by streaming lessons from one place to another.  Though this is not a two way verbal communication like Skype is, this could work well for locations that are on a time zone that doesn’t allow for school day connections.  Ustream allows the user to record their broadcast for referencing later.

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