Finding Resource on the Web for Your Content Quickly

When I was in college, an education professor once said to me, “Never spend time doing something your students can do for you.  They need you focused on the difficult things, so they learn more!”  In other words, don’t spend hours looking for web sites about a content topic.  The kids can do that for you.  Make it their homework assignment instead of yours.  The day before you introduce a new topic make their homework assignment to search the internet for web sites about that topic.  You can assign students different types of media to search for like images, video, animations, interactive web pages, maps, online magazine articles, even games, or quizes.  You will find that your students will get caught up in the content and they will arrive to with some background knowledge that kicks the classroom discussions up a notch.

How do you get the links from them?

  • Have them submit it to a Google Form
  • Have them add it as a comment on your blog (Don’t have one?)
  • Have them add it to a shared Simply Box on the topic
  • If you have a content management system like moodle, Angle, Blackboard, etc. you can create a discussion board or wiki
  • Whatever it is make it something that all the students can access so that they can check out each others links

But then I still have to go through all of the sites they give me….OR.  Make the next nights homework for them to look at each others resources and to vote on which ones are the best.  Make a Google Form for the students to give you the top pics. (Making a Google Form)

Searching the Web

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