Flash Cards: The Always Disappear!

With sixth graders, I feel lucky when they make it to class with a writing utensil and their book, so for most students it is a stretch to expect them to hold onto a set of flash cards for weeks on end!

QuizletQuizlet allows students to make their flash cards online or you could have a class set that is made public for all to benefit from.  The sharing feature also allows students to benefit from what others have already created…no need to “reinvent the wheel”!

The features are endless on this resource. (The following is a list from their website.)

  1. Easily create flashcard sets with as many questions and answers as you want.
  2. Import questions and answers from your computer or other websites (or just type them in directly).
  3. Cut and paste questions from other peoples’ flashcard sets to make your own.
  4. Invite friends to share your flashcards via email, Facebook, or MySpace.
  5. One-click lookup of official dictionary definitions, and other users’ previous answers.
  6. Create a group so your friends or classmates can study together.
  7. Discuss answers with your group via live chat.
  8. Get notified when group members post new study sets.
  9. Edit and improve sets created by other group members.
  10. Groups can be private or public.
  11. Familiarize Mode gives you a taste of the material before diving in.
  12. Learn Mode is the most powerful study mode, keeping track of your scores, retesting incorrect answers, and letting you pause and resume study sessions.
  13. Test Mode is the most versatile study mode, supporting short-answer, matching, multiple choice and true/false testing, or any combination. It also scores your answers with easy-to-read corrections.
  14. Scatter is a fun matching game which lets you drag and drop questions and answers with your mouse while racing against the clock.
  15. Space Race is the ultimate video game study simulation. Racing the clock, you type in answers to questions flying overhead before they evade your grasp.

You can even embed the games!

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