Give Them an Audience

Our job is to make learning as applicable to life as possible.  It proves to be a more powerful learning experience when students see purpose in what they are doing.  When it come time to giving a speech, there are a few ways that technology can help make it a more meaningful experience.

  1. Tech How-to Speeches –Do your students have to present a demonstration speech?  Have students use Jing to demonstrate different types of tech you would like to learn more about and create a Tech How-to web site (try Weebly)to host them on.  You will provide an audience (even outside of the classroom), save yourself time figuring out new tools, and avoid multitudes of questions about how to work a program so you can stay focused on the content.  Build on it year after year!
  2. Ustream – Use to record your students presentations and speeches.  Parents, grandparents, all those important stakeholders can login and watch their favorite student in action or after it is all over!  Have students self evaluate by going back and watching their presentation.  It also opens up opportunities to present on topics outside of school since the kids could stream from any location with internet connection.

Students can embed both of these resources in an online portfolio as well!

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