Visual & Multimedia Projects: Giving Feedback Efficiently

It is imperative that teachers give quality feedback to their students, so they are able to learn and grow.  With visual and multimedia projects (videos, PPT’s, digital images, etc.), it is difficult to give specific feedback on what the student could have improved without writing pages about where the flaw was located within the project.

  1. Voicethread – This is a site that allows you or your students to upload their visual & multimedia projects.  You can then give the feedback verbally about the project.  Voicethread includes awesome tools (watch a video) that allows you to add comments, draw attention to with a pen tool, and pause for longer comments.  You can also invite others to provide feedback.  If it is a team project, each teacher can add their own thread to the project.  Send a link to the group you evaluated and they now have the feedback they need to make their final project out of this world!
  2. Jing – Using Jing  (free download) you can capture your screen view of the students project along with your verbal feedback.  If it is a powerpoint for example you can click through the ppt and point out areas that need to be corrected.  After you have create the Jing feedback you can upload it to the Jing server (at and share the link with the group you evaluated.  I do not recommend Jing for voice feedback on video, because it creates too large of a file which is difficult for uploading.

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