How Do You Use a Wiki?

A friend of mine (@rehabrajab ) from my MSU overseas grad program in technology asked me if I could present about the uses of wikis in the classroom at a conference her professional organization was hosting last weekend in Dubai where she lives.  What an honor to be asked to present, so of course I took her up on the opportunity!

Since I wasn’t available to travel to Dubai to present we decided an online presentation would do the trick!

Here is a brief overview of the presentation on what wiki’s can do for you:

  • A quick and easy class web site
  • A private discussion forum
  • For creating a webquest or a host of resources for students
  • For class collaboration or group collaboration
  • To get students involved and participating
  • To provide a private channel for e-mailing the teacher
  • To display student work
  • To publish an online portfolio
  • To introduce web 2.0 tools
  • To encourage continuous refinement of work
  • To host documents, files, pictures
  • To provide a place for students to submit assignments

If you would like you can also watch the whole thing online or visit the wiki I created as a resource for those who attended.

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