How Else Can Those Cellphones Help?

My colleague, Dan Myers, commented on the post about using cellphones as digital cameras when digital cameras are in short supply.  He mentioned that cellphones also came to the rescue when there were not enough calculators for use in math class.  This got me thinking….How else can these crazy contraptions help?

Cellphones can be…

  1. Student Feedback Systems using Poll Everywhere
  2. Digital Cameras
  3. Calculators
  4. Short video clips that don’t need to be high quality
  5. Microblogging – You can Twitter via text message.  Your kids could be blogging all the time!
  6. Converter (Currency, length, area, volume, weight, & temperature)
  7. Stopwatches as well as timers
  8. Calendars
  9. Reminders – ReQall – can do these things for the kids (not the photos, but the others)
    1. To do lists
    2. Voice Mail of instructions
    3. Set Alarms
    4. Photographic Memories
      1. Take a picture of something to remember it
      2. Slow note takers can take a picture and finish later
      3. Send a snapshot of notes given in school to the sick kid at home (quality?)
  10. Bluetooth Phones (I think almost all cellphones have Bluetooth these days)
    1. Send files from a Bluetooth enabled computer.  Students can take files home with them to complete via their cellphones, which is also a great way to back up your files.
    2. Print documents or pictures from a printer that communicates via Bluetooth
    3. If you have a computer with Bluetooth in your classroom, you can also scan for other devices to determine if a student has a cellphone on in your classroom when you don’t want them to have them (This only works if they have their Bluetooth enabled at the time of scanning.)
  11. Internet phones can…
    1. Do quick internet searches when needed
    2. Pulling up a map of an area
    3. Many have GPS devices which would help with latitude and longitude discussions
  12. Music phones
    1. Download podcasts of books for students to listen to while they read.
    2. Allow students to listen to music to help them concentrate.

These are the ideas that I came up with as I searched the features of my phone.  What else do you think the cellphone could bring to the classroom?

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