Increase Student Productivity by Sharpening…

Not a pencil, but the students keyboarding skills are what need sharpened!  Assign it as homework each night or what they have to do in their downtime during class or between periods.  As pencil and paper go by the wayside, students need to improve their typing skills.  Typing is the new cursive, with hours of practice included!  The following two resources are free and they allow students to login so they can keep track of progress.

Make the keyboarding time a valuable experience that helps support your content. With this website students can import text from a web site. Have them type the content of a web site that is focused on the topic of learning. They will read the content while the practice their typing. If they are not a proficient at typing, there focus on each letter might decrease comprehension so you may want to include a comprehension question or two in addition to ensure understanding.

Typing Web -
Keybr. com -
Keybr. com -

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