Interviewing Authors to Learn About the Writing Process

Ms. Jen’s 1st grade class is excited about their Skype date with Jean Reidy the author of the book “Too Purpley”.  Ms. Reidy will talk to the students about how she got her idea for her book, will then read her story, and answer questions.  To help show author Reidy about their excitement for their visit, the class will be dressed in purple!

The 1st grade classroom owes a big thanks to their teacher for this opportunity. When exploring resources for World Read Aloud Day, Jen came across the Skype an Author Network and knew it would the perfect activity to engage her students. The mission of this network is to help connect K-12 classrooms with authors and books.  Some authors will virtually visit free of charge while others will ask for a fee.  The site is easy to navigate with features that allow you to find the author by name.

Using the projector in her room, Jen will project the video of the Skype conference, so that all students can easily see.  She also turns her desktop computer towards the class, so that the author will be able to see them.  Students then walk up to the computer to ask their question to the author.

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