Is there anything that does what Mac’s Photobooth can do for the PC?

Thank you, Erin, for submitting your question. She is looking for these tools to assist in her lessons on Caricatures and was interested in something that
can distort a facial feature. Hopefully these two suggested sites can help!

befunky_photo_effectsBeFunkyis a website that allows you to upload a personal picture and add affects to it like the ones you see applied to the picture to the left. It also can add your face to the side of a building, so it looks like graffiti and includes other cool effects too. I encourage you explore all the options.

There is no how-to video on this site yet because it is currently blocked at my school. I will put one together at home or if my request to unblock it is granted.

In the past, students have used this site to create unique images with the affects to add to videos they are creating. They have also used it to antique photos as well as other features to help fit a certain target theme for posters.

Picnik – With this online photo editor you get many of the basic features like: crop, resize, color adjustments, red eye etc., but Picnik takes photo editing to a new level by adding opportunities for: distortion, filtering, focal points, doodling, and the list goes on. Just be sure you pay attention to the label “Premium” this is not for use on the free version. As with everything free on the web you can upgrade to the Premium features for a fee, but you still have access to a lot of great tools without having to pay a cent!

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