Learn Faster By Understanding How It All Works

Overwhelmed by all the crazy jargon that 6 years ago never existed?  Let Lee LeFever explain it all in Plain English.  You will see links to the fabulous work of Lee and his wife Sasha often in my blog posts, but here is some one stop shopping.  Having this knowledge to work with is going to make you that much more efficient in using technology and will make you more confident as well. Please note that the full version videos on their web site are only for evaluation purposes.  If you are showing it to the masses, please pay them for their hard work.

Common Craft Web Site – You can also find videos about being green, society, and money.  Want to teach about presidental elections or the stock market?  Browse the site!  Many videos can be found on Teacher Tube as well if your school blocks Common Crafts site (though don’t worry it is totally a  safe site).

Hardware – are you passing out laptops to your kids?  Make sure they understand the nuts and bolts of what makes them tick.

Software – learn about what brings our electronics to life

The World Wide Web – Ever wondered where all the information online comes from?

Phishing – Make sure your students watch this one so that they understand there are dangers on the web that can emped on their privacy and the productivity of their machine.

Web Searching Strategies – every web user needs to watch this even if they have already seen it.  Knowing how to search efficiently can save you hours of researching.

RSS feeds – learn how to save time by bringing the news and information on the internet to you rather than you searching for it.

Understanding the difference between the following online application will allow you to make better decisions about how you and your students will share information.


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