Persuasion and Advertisment: ‘Tis the Season!

Throughout the holiday season we are bombarded with companies that are persuading us to buy their products, so what better time to bring your students’ attention to the cunning ways of big business!

This week I will share a variety of resources that will help engage students in the art of persuasion and advertisement.


The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent interactive web site called, “You Are Here” that has a variety of lessons about marketing and advertisement. Each store provides a different lesson, on a topic listed below, as well as an interactive activity that tests their learning.  I found that a few guiding questions also helped keep them focused on the content they were learning and not just the fun activity.  When students visit the West Terrace of the interactive virtual mall, they are exposed to lessons about:

  1. Ads and Endorsements
  2. Target Marketing
  3. False or misleading Ads
  4. Advertising Claims

There is also a resource page for teachers which is useful as well.

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