Picture Editing and Movie Making Made Easy

Mac users, this doesn’t really apply to you because you’re already lucky enough to be blessed with iPhoto and iMovie, but the PC users out there have been dying to find something that will allow their students to quickly and easily organize and edit pictures as well as make movies.  Sure the PC comes with Windows Movie Maker, but wouldn’t it be nice to get through at least one project without it crashing?

Have you tried Google’s Picasa 3 download?  Picasa is Google’s online photo sharing host site, but they also have a software download that not only allows you to quickly and easily upload all the photos that you want to share with others for free (up to 1 GB), but it also has cool features that let you edit pictures, uses face recognition, geo tagging, creates collages, and of course movies.

Picasa Features

Face Recognition

All of these cool features, FOR FREE!

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