“Pimpin'” Your Blog With Widgets to Support Content!

With this title, many educators might question my suggestions for improving Word Choice, since most would not approve of this title. I think it is at least better than, “Making Your Blog Look Cooler By Adding Stuff”.  Don’t you?

The professionals say that the less a person has to click to get the information their after, the more successful your site, application, or operating system will be with the public.  The same rule would apply to our students and parents as the audience of our blogs.  Make it easy to get to the information you want them to access via your blog.  (These suggestions are based on the WordPress format specifically Edublogs, but can be applied to most blog formats)

What can be added?

  1. Links to favorite sites (Blog Roll)
  2. RSS feeds from other sites
  3. Search boxes
  4. Vod/Podcast feeds
  5. Bookmark lists (del.icio.us)
  6. Any HTML widget from any external resource (ex. Shelfari, ClusterMap, Google Calendar, etc.)

How can you get to “pimpin” your blog?

Using ready made widgets

Adding Widgets Using HTML



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