Provide a Tool to Help Support Your Forgetful Students

Every classroom has at least one student who can’t seem to remember to do their homework, what it is, when to turn it in, or where they left it!  You have potentially tried every trick in the book, but that book just isn’t cutting it.  These kids needs something that grabs their attention and talks their language.  Have them try using ReQall.

ReQall is an online tool that works with your cellphone to remind you of tasks you are responsible for remembering.  Most students are attached to their cellphones just waiting for the next text from their friend, so why not use it to your advantage.  ReQall will add items to your todo list in a variety of places and can text you a reminder.  If the student doesn’t have a cellphone then have the parent setup an account using their cell number and have the reminders sent to them.  Take a look at David Pogue’s, writer for the New York Times, introduction to this handy tool!

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