QR Codes: Make Anything a Digital Resource


QR codes are the latest and greatest in information tagging.  QR stands for quick reference and that is exactly what QR codes do.  They allow anyone with a QR code reader to access information quickly and easily.  QR code readers are an app that uses the camera of a device to scan the code and access the information it is connected to.  QR codes are like the old bar codes used on merchandise to reference product information and price.  These new 2D codes are able to contain a lot more information than its predecessor.  The other handy fact is that you, the everyday teacher, can make a QR code with only a few clicks of the mouse using the site QRstuff.com.  Using this site, you can create QR codes that can connect you and your students to any of the following.

  1. Web Address
  2. Online Video
  3. Image
  4. Text
  5. Contact information
  6. PayPal Accounts
  7. Google Maps
  8. Event Details
  9. E-mails

How does this apply to the classroom you ask?  Well for starters, have you ever tried to get several Kindergarteners to a long URL in a timely fashion?  Can you imagine if all it took to get them to a resource was to hold up a QR code to a camera on an iPad, iPod, or computer?
It is also great for making paper interactive.  Are you concerned that students might forget the math lesson you taught as they work on homework at home?  Put a QR code at the top of the page that links to a YouTube playlist or Khan Academy.
Just recently, our students have started turning their classroom library books into interactive recommendation resources.  Students are writing reviews and recording podcasts of their reviews.  They are then posting their reviews on our school library blog and tagging their post with the book title.  They then generate a QR code for the TAG and then paste it in the back of the classroom library book.  When a classmate is considering that book later, they can use an iPod touch to scan the code with a free app downloaded and check out all the reviews created by fellow students in their school.
Classtools.net has also created an online resource for developing a QR codes scavenger hunt.  Haver your students find information or resources around your school.
Even yearbook companies are getting started with connecting student projects or videos of special events from the year to QR codes in the books.  They even offer storage for the videos for 30 years.
Check out these resources for additional ideas!

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