Reflecting on How You Use Apps

Often times when you are in the classroom using technology, it is difficult to lead students through the process while also moving about the room to help them troubleshoot or maybe even keep them focused on their responsibilities.  In my mind, there are two ways we could solve this problem, but luckily they both use the same tool to do so.

Option A: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wirelessly project your iPad, so you could be anywhere in the room with iPad in hand and still able to show what you are doing with that iPad through a projector.  Guess what, you can, and for only $14.99!  Sorry this isn’t a sales pitch, but the Reflector App allows you to wirelessly view your iPad through your computer that is hooked up to the projector.  A few things you need to make the magic happen, the reflector app, your iPad and computer on the same wireless network, the ability to use Airplay on your network, and a great tutorial to learn how (see below!).

Option B: You could prerecord a video of what needs to be done on the iPad and play the video on your projector for your students.  This would require the use of Reflector App and a screen recording tool.  I like Screencast-o-matic for screen recording.  Take a look at this YouTube playlist to learn how to use Reflector with your iPad or iPhone.


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