Research: Understanding Connections to Other Areas


Being the huge geek that I am, I have seen my share of online Web 2.0 tools, and this one has WOWed me.   Vionto’s eyePlorer website provides organized connections to related information just by typing a term into the center of the circle.

So often, I have students research terms or events and they fail to develop relationships between other important categories like people, society, history, etc.  Using Vionto will give students the visuals they need to show the connections and encourage more in depth understanding of events.  It gives them a trail of connections to follow that they would not normally be able to formulate on their own.

What it does!

  • Defines the term using online Encyclopedia
  • Provides pictures related to the term
  • Gives a place for notes (drag and drop notes!)
  • Categorizes related terms using a color coordinated pie graph
  • Shows closeness in relation between the terms via proximity to the center of the circle
  • Defines each related term by hovering
  • Allows you to narrow the information provided by adding sub-topics to the center term
  • Provides a link to the World Wide Web to access other resources about the term or event

Here is a search on The Great Depression.  


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