Safely Sharing Student Video Productions With Parents

Parents aren’t always keen on the idea of their child’s name, face, or work being plastered on the net, but they still interested in seeing the work their child is producing.  When it comes to videos that students have produced as class products it is a little bit difficult to share. Often these files are too large to e-mail and if the parent doesn’t wish for their child’s work to be on the net, it makes it tricky.

Zamzar – Zamzar is meant for converting video file types, but it also provides a nice way to get the large files (no larger than 100mb for the free use) to parents.  Simply select the students file, choose a common file type (.mov or .avi), type in the parent’s e-mail address and click  “convert”.  The parent will receive an e-mail with a link to download their child’s file.  Now the parent hasn’t just seen the video, but has a copy of it as well.

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