Save Paper! It’s Easy

With tight budgets in schools, everyone is trying to cut back on costs.  So what about decreasing the use of paper?  Not only is it good for the budget, it is also good for the environment!

Recently I saw a friend of mine trying to make copies of a form she wanted to send home to parents.  Unfortunately her frustrations with the copy machine almost had her to the point of recreating the scene from Office Space where they drag it outside and beat it with a baseball bat. I think we have all had sweet dreams about being able to do this to your copier at school!  Luckily, we were able to help her avoid her frustrations with a little use of technology.

In a matter of seconds, no really…seconds, Adobe Acrobat 9 can turn your word document form into an easy to use form to fill out.  Users that you share it with will simply have to click in the text fields to fill it out.  No need for you to print and no need for them to print.  Even better is that will then collect all of the responses for you in one spot.  They don’t have to e-mail the completed form back to you.  They just have to click submit!


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