Share Your Web Resources Efficiently

Alright educators, how many of you find a fabulous web site (or 20), but then never use it in class, share it with your co-workers, or even get it to your kids?  So often as you are searching the web you may find a fabulous resource and you may even bookmark it or add it to your favorites, but if you want to share it with someone it takes sending an e-mail or adding the link to your web page.  How time consuming and time is something we teachers have little of!  Well hopefully today’s tech tips will help solve that problem.

SimplyBox (Watch it in action instead of reading about it!) I have to thank my friend Marissa for sharing this one with me!  It is a gem (maybe they should have called it JewelBox instead!).  SimplyBox allows you to visually bookmark web sites and organize them into containers and boxes (kind of like organizing with tags and categories).  What makes it even cooler is that you can “box” and save a ton of sites into one box and then all you have to do is share one link with your colleagues or students.  For example, I found 5 sites that I wanted my students to use for learning more about simple machines.  As I found each site on the internet, I boxed it and then went to “Share”, made it public, copied the link, and then posted just one link for them to access all 5 resources.  I can even continue to add resources to the box and my students will instantly have access to those new sites as well through that same link. Here is an example of a box I made for Technology Grants 18 links to grant resources can be found in one click.  You can also set up RSS feeds for the boxes, so that those you share with can see when you have added more to the box.

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