Struggling with Word Choice

Students love to use the same bland words like good all the time and it is often difficult to get them to try new exciting words.  So what is a teacher to do when they have instructed on the beauty of the thesaurus and their polished pieces of work are handed in with only the use of pretty as an adjective.  Here are a few visual resources that might help them see the light!

An example of a Wordle
– This is a fabulous site that allow students to copy and paste text in to a field and then it generates a visual of the words they have used.  The more a word is repeated in the texted the larger it is.  Students can then use this visual as a hint that they might need to find some synonyms for those super-sized words! View a Jing on how to use Wordle.
A Snapshot of a web
Lexipedia – Now that your students have used Wordle to get a visual of the words they need to find synonyms of, they can head to the resource lexipedia, which is a dictionary/thesaurus of sorts that displays a word, all of its forms, synonyms, antonyms, etc. It also includes pop-up definitions for each of the branches.  View this Jing to learn how to use Lexipedia.

Visuword IMAGE

Visuword – Another visual dictionary option is Visuword.  This website will also assist students in making connections to words that are related to an over used word in their writing. View the Jing on how to use Visuword

These visual dictionaries also make for a great way for students to define their vocabulary words.  Think of how it will develop their understanding of words to quickly and easily see all of their relationships to other words as well as their definitions on one easy to use page!

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