Textbooks Aren’t Meeting My Content Needs

A recent problem in our school was that the textbooks available for the social studies adoption did not include the content that aligned with the Indiana State Standards for Social Studies. The teachers felt that investing in a resource that was not applicable was not financially the best idea. The question was asked, “How can technology help?” and “Could investing in low cost laptops replace be a better investment than an actual textbook?”

Simply Box
is a great free online resource that could allow a teacher to compile resources specific to their content needs and then share it with their students.

Please watch the Jing video (click here for video)which describes how I would apply Simply Box to solving the textbook problem by helping you provide content to your students in a quick and simple way. I encourage you to also watch the video on the Simply Box homepage as well. It will give a better description of all the features included with the program.

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