Tools For Schools: Are Laptops Still the Way to Go?

With the start of a new calendar year, schools will already be working on important decisions for the start of the next school year.  Hopefully as the pressure to increase technology in schools increases, schools are thinking about their options for the most efficient tool to help their students become skilled at using technology.

Sadly, the majority of schools are just now catching up to the idea that laptops are the way to go, but when one reviews the latest and greatest of the products revealed two weeks ago at the CES 2010 they can only question is there something better out there for my students.  Many schools have already started the shift to the smaller, more mobile, less powerful netbooks.  But even the netbooks showed up with bigger features on that kid friendly size!

This weeks posts are about the latest and greatest in potential tools for the classroom: e-books, netbooks, tablets, and maybe even the much gossiped about iSlate from Apple (if all the roomers are true!)

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