We Don’t Have Digital Cameras for Classroom Projects

During my presentation at NMSA on Saturday, I was talking about the use of cell phones as a tool for collecting feedback from students.  My principal was there to support me and he chimed in with another great use for the cell phones of our students.  Why not use them as cameras as well!

Interestingly enough my students are currently working on a project which required them to use both video and photography.  Unfortunately, yesterday we had a power strip failure and the one camera we had to share was not charged.  By this time, I had forgotten about the words of wisdom shared with me on Saturday, until one of my students piped up and said, “Oh man, I wish we could use our cell phones in class.  I have a camera on my phone that we could use instead.”  Since I already had administrative clearance of the idea, he and several classmates were off to their lockers to get their camera phones.  Problem solved and no more need to share one camera between 12 groups.  Now why didn’t I think of that!

Two Very Important Lessons Learned

  1. Save money and time by allowing students to use the tools they already have with them or at home
  2. Kids often have the best ideas for how to use the technology.  Present them with the problem and ask them for the solution.  You will be pleasantly surprised!

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