Why am I Always Repeating Myself?

It seems that no matter what a teacher does there is always atleast one student that comes up to them after instructions or a lesson and says, “What am I supposed to do?”  Another common problem is that by the time the student that did pay attention during your instructions gets home, they have forgotten what you said.

JING – to the rescue!  Jing is a fabulous free download from our friends at TechSmith.  Normally I would create a Jing to show you how to use the program, but that doesn’t really work for this, now does it!  Luckily for you they had a great demo on their website!  Jing allows you to record what you are doing on your computer screen along with your verbal instructions as you do it.

Because it is free you are limited to only 5 minutes of screen capture time for the videos, but it is a great way to break lessons down into steps.  If you are interested in making longer screen capture videos with voice over, TechSmith has two products for purchase that can help you do this.  They are pretty pricey though, Camtasia and Snagit.

I find it very easy to simply make a Jing of what I am showing my students on the mimio right as I am doing it.  I then can post the URL of that Jing on my site and the kids can watch and listen to my lesson over and over again, because that is exactly what all my students want to do after a long day at school!  My teammate who teaches math loves Jing for showing students the steps for solving different problems!  She uses a Wacom Bamboo tablet, so that she can even make them at her desk or home as she plans her lessons.  Jing is also always handy when you are instructing students on the steps for using a new online tool.

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